WATER IN THE CITY: Blue and Green Infrastructure Interdisciplinary

Project ID: TJ02000067
Funding provider: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Investigator at UCEEB: Ing. arch. Martina Sýkorová
Project duration: 1. 5. 2019 – 30. 4. 2021
Partners: Univerzita Jana Evangelisty Purkyně v Ústí nad Labem

The aim is to create a methodology that will clarify and facilitate municipalities decision-making during planning and realization of nature-based solutions rainwater retaining system in the urbanized area. Further, particular examples of possible solutions in an urbanized area will be provided, based on the character of the city and its surrounding. The final document will be a tool that will simplify to formulate requirements and criteria for municipalities.

The parallel benefit of the methodology is the opening of the interdisciplinary discussion of social and technical sciences (urban engineering, transport engineering, architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, ecology, economics) that will lead to a quality result acceptable to these disciplines.

The project is subsidised by TAČR, programme Zéta.