RENCO Recycled Environmental Concrete for Building Construction

Project ID: FV10397
Funding provider: Ministry of Industry and Trade, program TRIO
Investigator at UCEEB:  prof. Ing. Petr Hájek, CSc.
Project duration: 1. 12. 2016 – 30. 11. 2020
Partners: AZS 98 s.r.o.

Concrete is after water the most used material. A lot of amount of construction and demolition waste is connected with this. The use of recycled construction and demolition waste as replacement of natural aggregate in new concrete structures is one of the goals of sustainable development and therefore one of the priority goals of NPOV. The main goal of this project is increase the use of recycled construction and demolition waste as secondary raw material for production new concrete and concrete structures. The modification of recycling technology is the first goal of project. The goal is increase of the quality of recycled aggregate and ensuring broad scale of the use. The goal is the use of higher amount of recycled aggregate (more than 50%) as replacement of natural aggregate. There will be designed and optimized concrete mixtures, which are suitable for concrete production. Afterwards the experimental results will be transferred to building practice. The laboratory optimize concrete mixtures will be tested in recycling plant. Continues goal will be verification of durability of concrete and concrete elements with higher amount of recycled aggregate. On bases of the properties of concrete with recycled aggregate will be designed application for the use in building practice. There will be analyzed environmental profiles including the comparison with the conventional solution.