Promote and support international research and development activities of Czech organisations in the field of energy efficient buildings (PoMePro)

Project ID: LE14003
Funding provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) – LE-EUPRO II
Investigator at UCEEB: doc.Ing. Lukáš Ferkl, Ph.D.
Project duration: 1. 4. 2014 – 31. 12. 2017

The main objective of PoMePro is to increase the profiling and participation of Czech research teams in international bodies, to reinforce national priorities in the European policy-making process, and to improve the transfer of information from international bodies to domestic research and academic organizations. PoMePro focuses on strengthening bilateral and multilateral links among relevant institutions from the Czech Republic and other European countries, as well as forming new links and research collaboration. The project is thematically oriented towards the multi-disciplinary area of energy efficiency in buildings.

Within the project, we are developing a service-oriented support infrastructure that will effectively coordinate the preparation of expert opinions from a wide spectrum of national research and innovation stakeholders. In doing so, we aim to achieve a more coordinated presentation of national research and policy priorities to the relevant EU decision makers. Besides the creation of a national platform for EEB-CZ, the proposal offers many synergies, such as thematically focused expert actions and support for the inclusion of Czech research teams in international research consortia.

As well as supporting well-established teams in this area, the project team will focus on promoting the international involvement of newly established research teams. These teams are currently working within the newly constructed research infrastructures. Their creation was supported by Structural Funds. Through its implementation, the project will contribute to the long-term financial sustainability of research infrastructures that are financed by the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovations (OP RDI).