Municipalities talk about water: Communication of the implementation of rainwater management measures in cities

Project ID: TL05000674
Funding provider: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Programme ETA
Investigator at UCEEB: Mgr. Nicol Staňková
Project duration: 1. 5. 2021 – 31. 12. 2023
Partners: Jan Evangelista Purkyne University

The aim of the project is to find, test and systematize communication tools in planning and implementation of measures for rainwater management in public space. The solution consists of examining the perception of the content component and the effectiveness of communication of selected measures and testing communication on specific target groups of the public. The communication between local government and the public is emphasised in the project. High level of public awareness leads to more effective planning and higher enforceability of the measures. Equally, the increased communication activity between the municipality and the public will increase the interest of citizens in participating in the municipality development and other measures implementation by themselves.