Hydronics 4.0

Project ID: TK01020024
Funding provider: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Investigator at UCEEB: doc. Ing. Lukáš Ferkl, Ph.D.
Project duration: 1. 6. 2018 – 31. 5. 2021
Partners: Honeywell, spol. s r.o.

The project aims at fulfilling the European and Czech energy commitments to increase efficiency and decrease greenhouse gases. Buildings are the biggest sole energy consumer (40%) and an important producer of CO2 (36%). Project Hydronics 4.0 focuses on a development of a new generation of heat distribution and delivery system with the potential for significant savings in material, time, labor and most importantly for up to 40% savings in operating costs. The designed hydronic system consists of innovative, interactions minimizing, control appliances and usage of nonstandard network topologies. Further added value is generated by flat communication structure and systems of continuous diagnostics and optimal predictive comfort control in a building implemented thereon.

The project is subsidised by TAČR, programme Théta.