Functionalized nanofibers for collection, identification and long-term storage of scent imprints

Project ID:   VI20152018010
Funded by:  Ministerstvo vnitra ČR
Project duration:  1. 9. 2015 – 31. 12. 2018
Investigator at UCEEBprof. Ing. Evžen Amler, CSc.

The main objective of the project is to create a qualitative new system to collect the scent imprints and maintaining these in selected solvents based on water-soluble nanofibers. The system will allow ultrasensitive adhesion of scent molecules onto a modified nanofibrous surface subsequently followed by a transfer of scent imprints into a form suitable for maintenance, transport and eventually for further chemical analyses leading to scent imprints digitalisation. These advanced chromatographic, eventually spectroscopic methods allow creation of digital scent imprints databases, enabling unrestricted long-term storage of scent imprint samples at the time of their collection. The collection system will be made from polymer fibres produced by electrospinning. The method enables simple and effective production of nonwoven fabric with large absorption surface and high porosity, which can be modified to reach optimal physical and chemical conditions.

Using advanced methods of liquid and gas chromatography with weight detection, scent molecules will be tested in synergy research to identify an optimal solvent or a group of solvents that will recognise and enable to store a maximum of scent molecules under original quantitative conditions. This new method enables effective and reproducible identification of broad spectrum molecules human scent consists of and thanks to controlled solution enables a simple transitions of molecules in the liquid state and their highly accurate analysis by analytical methods. This worldwide new approach leads not only to improved sensitivity in comparison to existing techniques but also to higher reproducibility, cogency and digital recording possibilities, which can significantly increase judicial trust in such criminal evidence. The aim of the project is consistent with the main objective of the Programme, above all within the framework for development of new techniques and technologies to reveal and prove criminal offences.