European Real Life Learning Lab Alliance – EURL3A

Project ID:  EAC – 2012-0600
Funded by:  European Comission
Project duration:  1. 1. 2013 – 30. 6. 2014
Investigator at UCEEB: prof. Ing. Petr Hájek, CSc.
partners: Cauberg Huygen Raadgevende Ir, Institute for Innovation and Development of University of Ljubljana, Metronik, VUPS Praha, Zuyd University CvB (coordinator)

  • European Real Life Learning Lab Alliance – (01/2013 – 08/2014) was a pilot project within the European framework of the University–Business Cooperation initiative. The main aim of the initiative was to form the so called “Knowledge Alliance” (KA) to encourage structured, result-driven cooperation ventures between education, research and business bridging the gap between the sectors. This approach will improve technical education; will make education in this field more efficient and attractive by a dynamic integration of practice and theory by the so called “Real Life Learning Lab” concept (RLLL). Partners from three European countries were involved in the project: ZUYD University and Huygen Instalatie Adviseurs as a business partners from the Netherlands, University of Ljubljana and Metronik as a business partner from Slovenia and CTU FCE and CTU UCEEB and VUPS as a business partner from the Czech Republic.
  • In Real Life Learning Labs multidisciplinary teams of students and young entrepreneurs, under mentorship of professionals from universities and industry work on Real Life assignments from the business sector and on developing new enterprises. During this process relevant theoretical knowledge is educated just in time. The Real Life Learning Labs are centred in regional knowledge alliances in which mobility and exchange programs are active.
  • Within EURL3A project the innovative RLLL concept and other innovative teaching and training methods in real conditions at three participating universities ZUYD, CTU and UL were proved. Exchange and mobility programs for students, seminars and lectures for students, teachers and professionals and also internship of students in participating companies were organized. During the project period in total about 180 students on bachelor and master level, 13 Ph.D. students, almost 60 teachers, professors and researchers and about 150+ business partners from all 3 countries were actively involved and took part and helped with the development of the RLLL concept. The RLLL topic in the Czech conditions was the design of UCEEB-MEB – multipurpose experimental building based on sustainable principles. Local and international students in cooperation with researchers and business partners have been working on this topic within EURL3A project.