Development of continual brazing furnace with combined displacements of products and integrated energy center

Project ID: CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/16_084/0010235
Funding provider: Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness
Investigator at UCEEB: Ing. Jakub Maščuch, Ph.D.
Project duration: 1. 1. 2018 – 18. 4. 2020
Partner: THERMAL TREND s.r.o.

The subject of this project is industrial research and experimental development of a continuous soldering furnace with combined shifting of goods, which fundamentally changes the system of continuous soldering in the field of temperature control and energy consumption. The project partner then integrates an energy system that ensures not only the primary energy and electricity supply, but also provides cooling, waste heat utilization and interconnection to the plant’s energy systems.